After weeks of planning, shooting and editing, we have a complete deliverable for our client X-Cel Contacts.

This has been an awesome project to work on! We’re happy that we are finished, and our clients are happy as well.

In case you haven’t read the last few blog articles about this project, I’ll give you a summary. Our client X-Cel Contacts came to us wanting to develop a few video assets to assist their national sales team. They really wanted to create a corporate overview that would give a detailed explanation of their business and processes. However, they wanted to do in an engaging manner. Isn’t that what we all want? (Yes, it is.) Luckily they called the right people.

We don’t like producing boring corporate video, just as much as viewers don’t like watching it.

Our philosophy is to think outside the box, push the envelope, and engage viewers. To accomplish the task of creating a non-boring corporate video, we employed a few creative tactics.

We decided to create a spin-off of the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs starring Mike Rowe. We used a lighthearted documentary style, with an engaging on-camera talent like. (Funny side note: the talent that we used for the video looks and talks just like Mike Rowe. It was purely coincidental, but delightful!)

After weeks of working on the video, we have finished. It looks great, and everyone seems to be happy. Enjoy it below!