Today I want to talk about customer testimonial videos, and how big of a deal they are right now. These are by far one of the most popular videos that we get asked to produce. Why? Well, because seeing is believing. We’ve all seen written testimonials on websites and marketing collateral – and they’re all great, but in today’s world people demand more than just a text block with a company name next to it. Credibility is at stake and in a world full of fraud, credit card theft, and gigantic SSL certificate holes (aka: Heartbleed), seeing is believing. From the devil’s advocate perspective, it’s pretty easy to draft a quick nice sounding testimonial and throw a stock photo up on a website. How do you know that the testimonial you’re reading is actually… real?

This is one of the reasons professionally-shot video testimonials are so hot right now. Unlike a static written testimonial, you are able to see your real customer in real life. Another equally important benefit is that viewers get a first-hand account of the excitement in your customer’s eyes and hear the excitement in their voice. It’s not a secret that video easily and effectively transmits body language and voice inflection. These major components are critical elements in your success story. This emotion testifies how happy they are with the outcome of your product or service way more than in a written format. I’ll show you.

Here is a written testimonial from one of our clients. Take a few seconds to read it. When you are finished reading it or are tired of reading, scroll on. I recommend that you give it at least a good 20 seconds before you hit that button. Read away.

We are a manufacturing company for contact lenses, and a lot of doctors don’t see how the manufacturing process works, so we wanted a video that kind of shows our customers what we do here in the building, how a contact lens is made. We have open houses where customers come in and we will give contact lens education credits to them and show them the video, and we have actually gotten new accounts that have seen the video because we have locations throughout the United States, and so for the ones that aren’t local, that can’t come into the lab and see, they get to see the video and just the engaging part of watching the video to actually see what’s going on. I think that is so much better than them having a piece of literature and looking at it. Seeing it visually in a video, they remember it. They think about it. The video turned out great. We’ve had so many compliments on it. We can be picky, we’re always changing our minds. We’ll, you know, have something recorded, and then we want to change it. And anything we needed after the video was done, to tweak, they were right there to do it and got it done quickly. I would absolutely recommend Optimum Productions. They are so easy to work with, the turned out wonderful. We can be difficult to work with so it was nice to have a company that dealt with us and was easy.”

Wow – that was a lot of reading. Now watch it in the video above.

Okay: what did we learn?

  • Video is way more engaging than text.
  • We were able to fit a lot of “words” into one compact yet powerful video.
  • The testimonial becomes a live breathing person, who is not made up.
  • We were able to see the customer’s excitement, and that in and of itself communicated huge success.

So the next time that you want to capture a customer testimonial, consider a video testimonial with a professional video production company. In next week’s video, we’ll talk about four ways to get more use out of your testimonial videos.

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