Some business owners mistakenly think that a merely functional website is all they need to get the job done.  But when the task at hand is to increase profit and attract new clients, your online image needs to be top-notch.  This is a new age when consumers judge you in a matter of seconds based on how well you sell your company on the web.

This should come as no surprise.  In human interactions, we subconsciously make snap judgments just by looking at someone.  In the same way, branding and design play a major subconscious role in very conscious purchasing decisions.  Today’s consumer checks carefully on the internet before narrowing the field to potential companies for their services and products.

When every purchase has some connection to the internet, your online image is crucial.  If you research contractors to work on your home, you look at their websites.  This even applies to business services.  Within seconds of viewing a company’s website, you likely decide whether you want to work with that company or not.  You will be attracted to those companies that offer polished, informative, and engaging websites that present a powerful image online.

Now extend this idea to a video that appears on your website.  One might wonder, “Will the effort and cost of professional video production really pay off?”  In this competitive economy, video meets the needs of consumers who expect to find excellent content and information on your site.

If you are a technological company, consumers will expect to see you artfully using technology through video to display your products.  If you provide personal services, clients will expect to “meet” you on the web through the medium of video.

While new clients might eventually meet you in person, you might never get that chance if they decide to visit someone else first.  A video is an excellent way to sell yourself and your services before the client has even left his home.

One might also ask, does that video need to be professionally produced?  Producing a video without the right equipment and know-how is extremely difficult.  After the frustration of much time and effort, trial and error, what you will have at the end of the day is a poor quality video.  It will lead viewers to attribute the same poor qualities to your organization.

A professional video influences the viewer to think, “These people are professional.  I want to work with them.”  A polished image with a professional video can even support commanding higher dollars for your services because your fee is in keeping with your online image.  Perception is reality, especially to the consumer who views your content online.

A professional Atlanta video production company can address all those details that add up to a powerful video.  For example, you might not think that something minor like a thumbnail image is important.  But even if the full video is terrific, no one will click “play” if the representative image is not compelling.  A thumbnail has to attract people and set you apart.

With today’s economy and consumer, a professional company needs a professional, high quality Atlanta video production.  If you want to learn more about creating a video that will dramatically enhance your web presence, call us today.