Our Atlanta video production company believes business owners can make their company website more engaging and meaningful by including video. And of the many videos to include, you shouldn’t overlook testimonials from their satisfied customers. Here are two reasons why taking this extra step will ultimately benefit your business and improve your company’s image.

1. You Become A Problem Solver

Testimonials show that your products and services have real-world relevance. They solve real problems, and improve the lives and businesses of real people.

Describing your products and services in glowing terms throughout your website will not have the same weight as the words of a satisfied customer. When potential clients see how effective your products are in the lives of other ordinary people, they will be more inclined to give you a try.

A video testimonial will also have a more powerful and immediate impact than a written testimonial.

Video is the digital equivalent of two neighbors discussing their day and sharing practical tips across the backyard fence. People are more disposed to take the word of someone they see and can know, rather than plain text contained in even the flashiest website. Written reviews can be faked; video reviews require real people and are far more difficult to counterfeit.

Everyone judges a book by its cover– why not make your cover a smiling buyer?

If you have any happy customers at all, you have all you need. Film testimonials from customers who resemble the type of clients you want to pursue. If your future prospects can relate to your previous buyers, they’ll be more likely to give your company some serious consideration.

2. Improve Your Professional Image

When done well, client testimonials give your professional reputation a boost. You’re no longer a passing salesperson hawking snake oil from the back of a horse-drawn wagon.

Videos prove that you’re a legitimate company, with the credibility and resources to produce a high-quality video. Your products and services are making a difference in the lives and businesses of real people.

Testimonials increase your credibility; helping existing and potential clients see you as a company they can trust.

When it’s time for you to make your company video, call us. As seasoned Atlanta video marketers, we’ll work with you from the initial concept to the final cut to make sure you’re satisfied with your video in every way. You can always count on Optimum Productions for expert Atlanta video editing services. We have the creativity and technical know-how to turn your Atlanta business video into a captivating success.