First thing in the morning, you receive an Email from your friend titled “Great Play You Missed Last Night!” Do you read your friend’s pithy description of what happened or do you click the video link he included? Of course, you want to see what actually happened. That’s the reality of today’s world; we live in a video age where we can see and judge for ourselves. Internet users, especially mobile users, view and share videos at an exponentially increasing rate. That’s why you, the business owner, need to invest in video marketing and you need to start now.

Video Marketing is a Quickly Growing Market

It’s all in the numbers; according to a 2013 study by Comscore, online shoppers were 64% more likely to buy from sites who used videos to show off their wares, and stayed two minutes longer per visit. This bodes well for retailers or B2B sellers, as nearly 60% of company CEOs preferred watching videos to reading text according to Forbes magazine.

This makes perfect sense. We process information faster from viewing video than reading. In this time-crunched world, consumers are looking to get the information they need quickly and move on to the next task. Video marketing helps your customers and clients receive the information they need to make confident decisions. A copywriter can create a vivid picture, yet it would be difficult to top actually seeing your product in action.

Conversion Rates are Highest With Video Marketing

You want potential customers to take action after visiting your website, and that’s what is happening for businesses utilizing video marketing campaigns. Online Publishers Association found that 46% of users take action after viewing product videos.

The digital marketing experts at Syndcast predict that by 2017, 74% of all online traffic will be video marketing. Now is the time for you to take action and get in on the trend. You may be tempted to get out your iPhone, fire up Final Cut and make your own videos. However, Comscore found that professional video delivered better lift than amateur video at a 30% rate.

Professional Video Production in Atlanta

For video marketing in Atlanta, look to us at Optimum productions. We’re a full-service video production company that can take you from concept to finished product. We can handle brand-marketing campaigns, we are experts in web analysis, and our team has a wide-ranging skill set. We’re committed to your success, because if you don’t look good, we don’t look good. Contact us today to get started.