Video is one of the absolute best methods for getting your branded messages out into the public in a way that resonates. Strategic messages delivered through video have an impact that could never be matched by having text or static visual elements alone.

Give yourself the full range of tools at your disposal by taking advantage of the power and charismatic draw that video can have, and see your messaging campaigns soar to new heights as a result.

To understand just how much positive influence a strategic video messaging campaign can have for your marketing goals, consider the following benefits:

More Eyeballs = More Mindshare

Audiences are more likely to click on and view content that contains video, plain and simple. HubSpot reports that page views jump up 48 percent when a post contains both text and video. On social platforms, video goes farther and is engaged with directly by more people. Facebook revealed earlier this year that native video had the most effective organic reach compared to other media. That stat doesn’t even count shares that are considered “links” like embedded YouTube videos.

The reason that video has a higher success rate is because people are more intrigued and motivated to watch a video. Large chunks of text demand effort to parse through, and images yield the extent of their information at a quick glance. With video, the promise of something full of energy and dynamism lures in views and keeps audiences invested for longer.

In fact, 65 percent of video viewers end up watching past the 3/4 mark, meaning more of your message is received and understood.

Video Hits Emotional Notes That Other Media Can’t

When people read a good, text-only story, they often praise it by saying “it was just like a movie!”

They say this because human experience is not a series of static images, and it is more than a mere stream of text-based thoughts. Instead, it is a living, breathing world affected by time. Without the concept of motion and progress, many emotional messages cannot be transmitted.

Think about the role that music plays in film, for instance. Would Star Wars be as great without the John Williams score? We have already been shown that the score itself is powerful enough to tell a story, as evidenced by this remix of the new Star Wars 7 trailer where everything but the music has been taken out.

As president of Convince & Convert Jay Baer puts it, “video is the most efficient way to atomize content marketing. If you have video, you have audio. If you have video, you have text (via transcription). If you have video, you have photos. But it doesn’t work the other way around.”

The mixture of all these elements can equal a more powerful message than the mere sum of its parts.

Strategic Video Messaging Campaigns Makes a Lasting Impression

Since more people are watching your message and being affected emotionally by it, retention improves and so does the likelihood of peer recommendations or full-blown brand evangelizing. Harness this power to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing messages and get more value out of the creative you have already invested in.

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