Maintaining a dynamic online presence can be vital to your company’s continued growth and success. Videos are a great way to engage your visitor and strengthen your brand. As a successful Atlanta corporate video production company, we know the various elements that are needed to make a successful video. Before you decide to make your own company video, ask yourself the following questions. Your answers will help you assess whether you have the ability and resources to create the type of video you are envisioning.

Will Your Video Be Longer Than 60 Seconds?

Short videos are fun and relatively easy to make. Do-it-yourself videographers can crank out 10- or 15-second videos with relative ease. But as your videos get longer, you need to infuse it with more creative elements in order to engage your viewer until the end. For this, you may want to consider outsourcing your video production.

How Often Do You Plan to Produce a New Video?

If your goal is to post a new video every week, it might make good business sense to have your own in-house production staff. But for the occasional corporate video, it might be better to hire an experienced production company. This is the video that will be identified with your business for a long time (until you decide to change it). Make sure it presents you and your company in the most flattering and professional way.

Are You an Endless Fount of Ideas?

If your answer to this question is a resounding no, call us. We are a seasoned and innovative Atlanta video production company with a roster of excellent scriptwriters at our disposal. Sit down with us with your video ideas, and our writers and producers will turn them into video gems that will capture and relay your message effectively.

Are Your Videos Being Shared by Your Visitors?

People share videos that move them in some way. Videos that make people laugh out loud, sob uncontrollably or mad enough to be moved to action get shared. People don’t share videos that are boring, predictable and have nothing new or exciting to say. As one of Atlanta’s leading corporate video production companies, we have the creative expertise to infuse your video with wit, charm and character. If “shareability” is what you want from your video, we’ll make sure that’s what you get.

We provide a complete range of video services in Atlanta. No matter what type of video you have in mind, come to the Atlanta video production company that can deliver. At Optimum Productions, we specialize in meeting and exceeding our client’s every expectation.