Ahhh, isn’t Summer great? Okay, July may be a tad hot, but this is the time of year we get to enjoy the lush green trees and plants all around us, and the bright blue skies… Think about how dull and dreary everything looks in the winter!

Watch as Danny compares the difference of these two seasons on video. As a viewer, what feelings are evoked, and how might that translate to your business video when you are trying to showcase your office building, signage, or outdoor action?

The Summer season is a great time to shoot exteriors for your business video, because you can take advantage of the vivid colors and evoke the warm, happy feelings people get on a perfect Summer day.

Call us now to schedule a video shoot, and we’ll show you how we can capture dynamic outdoor footage that can be incorporated into your next marketing or web video. Or, if you want more tips, tricks, and techniques about how to get the most out of your videos, sign up for our Optimum Guide to Video Marketing today!