Video is rapidly emerging as the most important technique for marketers to use when trying to grow their brand. In terms of video content, video engages more users, holds their attention longer and helps build relationships faster than other media. In terms of satisfying needs, consumers and business clients would rather watch video to learn about what a company can offer them or to hear concept explanations compared to other methods.

In short, video is powerful and video is here, already making a difference. Here is why and how you should consider creating a video strategy when trying to engage and grow your audience:

Why Video?

A video strategy has quickly become a veritable necessity for brands that want to compete, precisely because so many others are already embracing it. Here are some statistics that illustrate just how much of a foothold video has in our digital society:

● According to Hubspot, video now makes up 50 percent of all mobile traffic

● 78 percent of people will watch at least one video during their week

● 55 percent of people watch videos online at least once a day

Cisco predicts that 69 percent of all consumer internet traffic data will be video by 2017

● YouTube is the second-most used search engine after Google

Beyond sheer numbers, video has a power to pull in audiences and keep them engaged. Powerful psychological phenomenon draws us to video media over other formats like text articles. Namely, the fusiform facial gyrus in our brains automatically recognizes and responds to human faces. This part of our brains is responsible for us seeing faces in everyday objects or from abstract symbols like a colon and a parenthesis :).

Other psychological reasons that people respond to video include that they are able to understand information better when delivered through a human voice, adding a range of subtext through vocal inflections and cadence. Movement also tends to draw our attention, an adaptation that comes from hunting prey and avoiding predators.

Going beyond psychology, video fits more practically with our advancing technology. Embedded video “dresses up” a post on a blog or social media while lending it an air of prestige. People are more apt to click on or engage with a post that has embedded video for this reason. Finally, video looks great on our high-resolution mobile devices, which is one of the reasons that the mobile and video revolution are occurring together.

How Video Helps You Grow

Foremost, video attracts a larger audience and lends itself more readily to shares and recommendations. Nearly half of consumers have shared a branded or company-created video through their social media profile, according to Direct Marketing News. 84 percent of consumers also say that they have liked a company-produced video that appeared on their social newsfeed.

These clicks do more than just up the view count, too. 80 percent of consumers say that watching a video about a company’s service or product has helped them learn more about the company as a whole. Around half of surveyed consumers also said that an “About the Company” video gives them that most helpful information they need when assessing their brand loyalties.

For these reasons, video increases the prestige and likability of your brand while growing its audience, often to exponential proportions. Any small company that wants to stand out and directly engage consumers or any large company that wants to differentiate themselves from their competition should develop a video strategy.

You can learn more about how video content marketing helps brands grow by visiting our video strategy page.