A lot of marketers, especially in the industrial space, struggle to prove out ROI for their marketing assets. Video, in particular, is blamed as a central budget-devouring pain.

But…what if that’s just because you’re not getting the most out of what you created?

Let’s go over key reasons and basic steps to repurpose marketing content in order to get the most bang for your buck!


Hopefully, if you follow our show at all, you know the answer by now.

The demand for marketing content has grown exponentially in the past decade, and it shows no signs of slowing.

Thanks to the internet, the world’s population now goes online whenever they need any answer to any question they have: from health advice, to purchasing decisions, to general education.

That means your customers are browsing online, too– so you want to get in front of them and provide as much information as they could possibly desire.

The question is…how do you do that without breaking the bank? Content is expensive, you know!


Believe it or not, the first step to repurpose marketing content is just to plan in advance. Why? Because the destination of the content can (and should) always influence the nature of the content itself.

Our recommendation? Shoot a video. (Big shock, I know.)

Why? Because video can be broken down into literally any asset you might need!

Want high-quality images? Done. Audio recording for a podcast? Done. Quotable moments? Done. Short clips for social media? Done. Expert blog articles? Done!

You can get all that and more, just by planning in advance and starting your content piece as a video.

For example, if you know that you have a large audience on social media (or if you want to grow said audience), then you could plan your next webinar with social media in mind. Images and one-minute videos always, always out-perform plain text or outbound links on social platforms. So, as you’re preparing to shoot that webinar or thought leadership video, you could also make a note to also shoot a quick thirty-second announcement telling your viewers that you have a new resource available. Or, take a valuable clip straight out of the finished tutorial and post it on social media to give your audience a taste of what they could be watching!

Neither of those things (or any other repurposing tactic) might happen if you aren’t planning ahead. They’re not necessarily going to take a ton of extra footage or editing time– they just need to be a part of your strategy, and not an afterthought.


If you expect us to give you a solid, always-right answer to that question, then think again. The answer is something you can challenge yourself to find out. Is it three? Ten? Fifty!?

You can repurpose marketing content for your company as much as you want! And, we promise, the more assets you generate from repurposing one piece of content, the closer you’ll come to breaking even on the cost of the original video (or whatever resource you originally created).

In fact, if you didn’t notice, this is the model that IndustrialSage actually employs.

Remember that 50-page Industrial Marketing Report we always talk about? It’s got several pages chock full of data. We recently took each separate statistic and created a ten-second video for each one: just using graphic text on top of manufacturing footage. We got ninety– count ‘em, ninety videos by doing that.

Imagine having ninety slick little videos for your social media marketing! That’s three months worth of social media posts! By the time you post the last one, you could start posting the old ones all over again!

And then, of course, there are our weekly episodes of the show. Those hefty resources can be repurposed over and over, too.

We film fifteen-to-twenty minute episodes in our studio, using high-quality audio recording equipment. After a bit of editing, the footage becomes a crisp, clean video on our website. The audio becomes a podcast episode. We can take still images from the footage and churn out clean branded thumbnails for YouTube or social media.

But we don’t stop there. The transcript can be published on its own, and turn into a blog article (like the one you’re reading). The captions can get burned back into shortened clips from the original video, and voila! Now we have several one-minute, easy-to-digest video clips that tease our weekly topic on social media.

Once you learn how to repurpose marketing content, you’ll start to have have more material than you’ll know what to do with.

But we promise, that’s truly the best of problems to have.




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