Judging from the popularity of YouTube (one billion unique visitors each month), videos are now the way millions of people on this planet communicate with and relate to one another.

Businesses all over the world are beginning to realize that videos can have a powerful impact on the way they are perceived by their clients. As a result, an ever-increasing number of companies now include corporate videos in their marketing campaigns. In the midst of so much video clutter, however, you need to stand out from the crowd. To do this, you need a high-quality product video.

But in this age when almost anyone can shoot a video from their smartphone or digital camera, how can you tell the amateurs from the real video professionals?

And how can you differentiate a reliable and professional video production company from those who are simply out to exploit the medium and make a fast buck? How do you sift the golden-nugget production companies out of the mass migration that has entered Georgia in pursuit of its booming film industry?

Below are three questions you should ask any potential Atlanta video production company before you sign on the dotted line.

1. What Type of Equipment Do You Use?

Professional video production companies have different types of cameras because different media (TV, web) have varying resolution requirements to ensure quality.

Make sure your chosen company has the right type of camera or lens to shoot your video. If you need to capture high-speed action shots for a sports video, for example, find out if they have the experience and ability to do this before you begin production.

2. Who Will Be Working on My Video?

Will there be a project manager who will be assigned only to your project? This person is in charge of making sure the production timetable is followed and your project is shot within the allotted time. Extra shooting or editing days will almost always cost you additional money.

Find out how experienced your crew is; if there are interns or fresh hands on deck, make sure there are also enough seasoned crew members to ensure a smooth video shoot.

3. What Other Services Come with Your Package?

Be clear on what is included at every stage of production. Will the production company help you with scriptwriting, or is that solely your responsibility? In the event that some scenes have to be reshot, will this cost you extra or is this already built into the production cost?

If they use post-production equipment that is not as efficient as the latest digital equipment, make sure you are not billed for the additional hours that it takes to edit and render your video.

As an experienced video production company in the greater Atlanta area, we have produced a great number of high-quality corporate videos through the years. We take great pride not only in the professional services we offer all our clients, but also in our excellent, prompt, and courteous customer care.

Call us with all your Atlanta video production standards, and see if we measure up. Spoiler alert…we will.