The Optimum studio recently had some familiar guests come to call – though not to film in the life-sized elevator set that we constructed for them. Stephen Timme, Becca Sundal, and Melody Astley of FinListics Solutions all paid a visit to let us know how their corporate identity portfolio was performing on their website.

FinListics originally decided to create a video for multiple reasons, according to Stephen – the organization’s CEO and founder. “Like everyone else, we’re trying to find new clients,” he explained. “So we did it for branding. Getting the word out. What does FinListics do?”

”You guys helped us differentiate ourselves.”

Managing Director Becca Sundal admits that in the beginning, the organization assumed they only needed a video or two… but then Optimum approached them with a road map that included more than just video. “It had content marketing, it had distribution strategies, and all these great things that we hadn’t even thought about.

“When we saw the storyboard for the first time,” she recalls. “I lit up.” In fact, she even went so far as to tape the concept board on their conference room wall for the team’s weekly meeting.

”I think we literally got oohs and aahs.”

Once completed, the videos were placed center-stage on the company’s new website for its launch… and then the magic started.

“It drove more traffic,” announced Melody Astley, Vice President of Digital Marketing; and they certainly have the numbers to prove it. Thanks to a high-powered video hosting platform, their team can see who’s watching and re-watching their materials, as well as where they might be coming from.

“We’ve seen an uptick in inbound leads and these ‘contact us’ forms, right around a 20% increase… These are all quality leads, so we’ve converted the quality of them as well.”

Best of all, the corporate identity video, “Elevate the Conversation,” won a 2017 Telly Award in the ‘Corporate Identity’ category. The entire trio got to pick up their trophy during their visit, and Stephen and Melody also joined us for an interview in our weekly industrial marketing vodcast, IndustrialSage!

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