It seems like the holidays always sneak up on us as we try to finish up projects by year-end. This past December was no exception. We raced the clock to finish up a number of projects as well as get setup things for 2010. One of the coolest projects that we worked on was a simple presentation for Walman Optical, a contact lens company here in Atlanta. Their presentation is a video highlighting all of the charitable contributions that Walman employees took part in over the course of 2009. Walman Optical heavily promotes the involvement in charitable organizations throughout their company so much so that last year they gave over $400,000 to 27 various charities. Not only does Walman contribute financially but makes a much larger emphasis on donating personal time. The video highlights the generous individuals who took out time to help out people in need, giving descriptions of the different charitable organizations as well as pictures of their employees’ participation.

Presented every year at their annual sales meetings, Walman came to us to take their powerpoint presentation and kick it up a notch. We added a few suggestions and added a few animations, an interview (shot in HD by Walman employees on a still camera) and some compelling music to create an awesome video for 2009. We can truly say that it was a joy working with Walman and have been inspired by all the good that the Walman family strives to do. It certainly warmed our hearts this holiday season!