There are several ways to present ideas and information in a corporate video. In our experience as a successful Atlanta film production company, you need to have the purpose of the video in mind before you even begin production. This yields the best results.

To decide between using professional voice-over talent or a company spokesperson, you should first consider the target audience of your video. Below is a general guide to help you make an informed and expedient choice.

• A Company Spokesperson

When you want to convey passion, authority, or industry knowledge in your corporate video, try using someone from the company rosters. For the most part, your script will dictate whether you should go with a regular employee, a middle manager, or an executive.

One of the biggest advantages of using corporate speakers is the level of sincerity and dedication they have. Actor’s can’t match their genuine know-how when talking about their work or the company. A real person from your team can be very convincing and effective in winning over your audience.

But there are one or two downsides to using corporate speakers. Can they give a speech in front of thousands of people? Maybe. But very few of them are trained to face a camera with poise and ease. They often sound wooden, look stiff, and project a noticeable fish-out-of-water persona.

And if –heaven forbid– you part ways with the employee who used to represent you in all your videos, then what? Will you want to remove any trace of them like a teenage girl cutting her ex-boyfriend out of all her photo albums? What if your prospects act to speak with that person about their problem, and you have to admit that he/she is no longer with the company? That’s painful.

• Professional Voice-over Talent

Sometimes you want a corporate video to convey information about your company in an interesting manner. You want their performance to be polished. You want their age and gender to appeal to certain audiences. And maybe you just can’t find any staff members who can personally deliver lines with the chutzpah you desire.

This is where a narrator can step in and give the presentation a polished, professional appeal.

Using voice-overs is also advantageous when you want to convey a significant amount of complex information. Actors practice specifically in order to deliver tongue twisters.

If you’re making a step-by-step video guide for example, an experienced narrator can present the information clearly. This makes it easier for your viewer to follow along and understand the process you are covering in your video.

As a long-time producer of creative and effective corporate videos, we have helped many of our clients make the right decisions for their company video marketing. While there are certainly a number of corporate video production companies in metro Atlanta, we distinguish ourselves with our extensive knowledge, technical expertise, and creativity. Take advantage of the wide range of professional video services that we offer. Produce your next business video with Optimum Productions and see the difference our experience makes.