By now, most of us have heard of or watched a viral video. These are the clips that “everyone is talking about.” They get millions of hits online within just a few days, or even hours.

The spontaneity with which these videos emerge, and the impact they have on people, is simply incredible.

Strangers can and have instantly become household names. Technology really has eliminated the boundaries of the physical world. Within a moment, viewers from places far and wide are instantly connected by a single, emotionally-charged event.

Most viral videos are often humorous (i.e. the mass of auto-tuned news clips that has seemingly become a genre of its own). However, they can also be used by businesses to reach their true marketing potential. Internet marketing is considered by many to still be a young niche. Still, it’s expanding at a rate most of us cannot even fathom. Traditional advertising methods are becoming increasingly obsolete every day, and with good reason.

The Internet’s Reach is Global

Viral videos are a blatant sign that the Internet is the dominant communication medium of our time.

Viral videos are the “in your face” clips that everyone is attracted to. You simply feel compelled to watch them, at least once. They are every business owner’s dream (unless said owners are ignorant of the internet’s power). Can you imagine how much profit (immediate and long-term) could be achieved when millions or billions of people view a video about your firm?

Take a second to think about the real-world results that have been garnered here.

You may or may not have heard of Antoine Dodson, for example. However, the momentyou type his name in the YouTube search box, you will instantly be presented with videos that have an extreme number of views. While this example is not pertinent for commercial clients, it should be noted that this average Joe went on to earn a lot of money from an iTunes song version of the video clip.

Viral Video Marketing 101: What You Need to Know

It is important to remember that viral video marketing is much easier said than done. Above all, it requires pure creativity and uniqueness. You have to create or say something the world truly hasn’t seen before. Another great tactic is to say something that they can relate to, but have never had the courage or eloquence to express before.

If you are planning on making a video with hopes of it going viral, you need to make sure that it meets the proper criteria. A key feature in this respect is to keep the content relevant to your industry. Of course, it still needs to be accessible and approachable by your entire possible consumer base.

Toward whom is the video aimed? What are you trying to promote? Knowing the answers to these questions will prevent you from making a dud. Likewise, hiring a professional video production company is highly recommended if you want to stand any chance of being taken seriously.

A viral video could be your ticket to pure profit. Just make sure you know how to make one the right way. Taking the time to assess your goals and figure out a creative way to market them are keys to success in this arena.