It’s amazing how quickly technology moves on the internet. Things we take for granted today—the ability to search for documents, images, videos, and web pages all at once, for example—weren’t around even ten years ago. It’s hard now to even imagine a web search without that feature. However, people still haven’t figured out just how important videos are to marketing strategies online. Learn some advantages of using video marketing efforts in your blog posts to turbocharge your brand and boost the effectiveness of your campaign.

Video Marketing Efforts and SEO

Video marketing efforts can blast your SEO into the stratosphere. The whole point of optimizing your site is to increase your rankings on Google—to get onto the first page, and somewhere near the top. Videos actually make you over 50 times more likely to hit that goal. That alone is a reason to embed a strong, professional video on your blog.

Add Rich and Detailed Content

The reason videos blast your rankings into the stratosphere is because the latest Hummingbird update to Google’s search algorithm is designed to track down quality content, and it prioritizes things like videos and infographics over keywords. It is attempting to be more intelligent about finding the right answers to questions through living and vital content.

Much Higher Click-Through

Search results that include a video don’t just appear higher on Google’s rankings, but they also have a click-through rate that is over 40 percent higher than those postings without a video. When rich video snippets catch the attention of seekers, they speak of high-quality content and help your page stand out.

The Image of Authority

Videos are seen by web users as a source of authority on a topic. In the subconscious point-of-view of the average surfer, a video shows much more knowledge and expertise than a simple text blog does. It may not be true, but image is everything!

Understanding Video Success

There are a number of factors you need to keep in mind—for example, key video metrics to be used—to make sure that your video achieves its goals. You need to keep it short. Studies prove that the most effective videos are less than five minutes long, and they should ideally be under four minutes. Your video snippet, or the thumbnail alongside the content description, should be informative and attention-grabbing.

Embed the video on your site. YouTube is great for increasing your reach, but it gets the benefits of the traffic, unless you can get users to click through (again) to your page. Finally, you should always transcribe the video on the blog. This allows Google to better parse the content as well as appealing to users who would rather read than view.

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