The Internet has forever altered how businesses communicate with their customers.  As a premier Atlanta video production company, Optimum Productions has seen firsthand how an effective corporate video marketing strategy can catapult both a brand’s reputation and its sales margins. Whether they’re a small mom and pop shop or a large-scale corporation, every business can eliminate the barriers between them and their customers and see a massive impact on profit margins as a result.

The Problems a Corporate Atlanta Video Can Fix

No matter how solid your company’s product or service may be, making the sale means getting personal with your customers. However, that is nearly impossible for businesses that have a widespread and geographically diverse client base. An integrated, promotional corporate Atlanta video can close the distance gap and create trust, allowing you to connect with people on a more intimate level.

Few customers have the time or ability to understand the complex details of what you are selling. Since all they want is a quick overview of how your particular product or service will benefit them, what better way than to explain via a short informational clip? The specs may look good on paper, but rarely sell as well compared to video footage.

Finally, video marketing has become a central component of search engine optimization. If you want your website to rank high on Google, you should aim to incorporate as much video content as possible. Companies that want to increase their online web presence should keep in mind that search engines have put an increased emphasis on digital media from an SEO perspective.

This is unlikely to change anytime soon, and more than likely will only increase as Google makes it more difficult for websites to achieve authority-level status. With more and more brands going live online, this is only to be expected, but to give yours a fighting chance rank wise, incorporating video content is a surefire solution. Give us a call today to discuss what Atlanta film production services we offer and how they can benefit your business!