Although we promised our mothers very sincerely that we wouldn’t, we still have a bad habit of judging books by their covers. Can you blame us? Sifting through options like books on a shelf can make them all start to more or less blend together. It is the window dressing — the book jacket — that is our only means of differentiation.

When it comes to online content, videos are becoming the new book cover for businesses. A well-made explainer video can catch an audience up on what the brand does, how it benefits the customer, and what makes that brand different. Welcome to the new era, where putting your business in its fanciest dress possible gets those few crucial seconds you need to clinch a new customer.

Why Explainer Videos Make the Best Impressions

Simply put, video says a lot in a short amount of time. In an age with more options than ever and dwindling attention spans, getting your point across as efficiently as possible matters a great deal.

A video allows your audience to passively soak up information in an entertaining format. Furthermore, a video can create interesting mental effects through the power of stimulating multiple senses at once. For instance, many cartoon-style explainers reinforce business benefits stated in a voice-over with both written takeaway points and fun, enlightening illustrations.

Other businesses use the montage effect to their advantage. A series of images accompanying evocative music delivers an impression more based on association or emotion. Check out our highlight reel for an example, where we took clips from many disconnected campaigns and edited them together to emphasize the power, drama, and excitement of marketing video production.

Video is Made for Stunning on Small Screens

In addition to the natural appeal of video, it also has a second reason for its recent surge in popularity: mobile. Mobile users have been driving video consumption more than any other demographic.

Now that we can carry computers around in our pockets, entertainment is just a few taps away at any time. Couple that with the increasing quality and speed and the decreasing cost of video, and you have a recipe for a video content market that is practically exploding.

Also, video tends to look great on our tiny pocket theaters’ high resolution screens. Viewing videos on them means less effort and time spent swiping or zooming, compared to text-heavy pages.

Making a Great Cover for Your Brands’ Storybook

All of the above factors combine to form a growing expectation for video content from brands. Satisfy that demand and introduce others to your passions and priorities with the power of branded video content.

Take a look at Optimum’s video production services to get started working on your business’s impressive book cover today.