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Since we started off the year discussing the immense growth of video in the marketing industry, we also wanted to touch on another department that is starting to evolve as well…sales.


While outsiders can’t always tell the difference, sales and marketing are two departments that seem always to be at one another’s throats, despite their similarities.

They’re both dedicated to outreach on behalf of the company…but if you’re in either field, you probably already have strong feelings about their differences.

Marketers are generally more creative, and they produce content to generate leads and bring in prospects. Sales, on the other hand, focuses on building relationships with those prospects and eventually closing deals with them.

Sales reps tend to be frustrated because the content from their marketers isn’t always applicable; meanwhile, marketing can’t understand why sales isn’t bothering to follow through with the leads they’ve generated.

Given video’s creative nature, most people assume that it’s just a marketing tool…but not anymore.

In the past, most content (emails, blog articles, videos, you name it) sent out by marketing has always appeared a bit generic and “rubber-stamped,” which is frustrating for sales teams that are trying to build personal, individual relationships.


We recently released a webinar about sales enablement, where we specifically discussed a new program of its kind: a video platform designed with sales teams in mind.

Now sales teams have a place to keep all of the resources made by marketing – and the ability to create their own personalized content: video voicemails!

Picture this: you’ve just returned from a trade show, and you’ve got two or three dozen new networking connections. Each of those people, too, likely went home with handfuls of business cards in their pockets. In the week that follows the show, phone calls and emails start flying – and in all that chaos, it’s easy to forget, “Who was Joseph, again?”

Now imagine that when you open an email message, you instead find yourself face to face with a video of Joseph, and he’s talking about meeting you at the booth, and wanting to connect again.

Instead of just text on a screen, you got a personal, 30-second video, just for you! If you’re thinking, “Wow, that’s new,” then you’re not alone.

Our team uses sales enablement tools like this on a daily basis, and we receive emails all the time from people who are floored by the experience. Open and click-through rates are through the roof, and sales get an incredible boost as well. Why?

Tools like this are new and innovative, which will help prospects realize that your actual services as a company are probably advanced and cutting-edge as well.

All of the boosted engagement of video has finally been combined with the personal nature of sales. The voicemails are quick to make; they can be easily connected with your existing email accounts in Gmail or Outlook; and if you know that you have videos that your prospect might find helpful, you can even send them a customized playlist of those videos as well!

A lot of people are concerned with cost, but the results are so phenomenal that tools like this soon pay for themselves in sales. You receive notifications showing exactly who has opened and watched your videos, and you have access to easy-to-read analytics that can tell you more about your audience’s attention span, which will help you improve future content.

And the best part? Your competition isn’t using tools like this…yet.

Finding a way to differentiate yourself in the digital age is usually tough – but video voicemail for your sales team is one tool that, for now, is still fresh and original. It might even ease a bit of the tension between your sales and marketing teams, too.

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