Not all video hosting platforms or sharing methods are created equal.


Keep it short.

Some sites like Twitter can’t always upload long videos, and viewer attention spans will taper off anyway.

Include captions or graphic text.

Lots of sites autoplay without sound, like Twitter and Facebook. Don’t let your message get lost because of that.


Don’t just push a YouTube link everywhere.

That used to be the best option, but now social media platforms prefer to push their own hosting. If you push Youtube, your post won’t even get autoplayed on most platforms anymore.

Facebook and Twitter only autoplay their own hosted videos.

On LinkedIn, if you’re pushing from a corporate page then YouTube is your only option. They’re working on changing that so that you can upload directly, but right now your business page can’t use their native player (yet). The good news is, if you post a YouTube video on LinkedIn, it will autoplay on mute, but there will be a hint of a lag.

A better LinkedIn practice is to have an individual person to upload the video on their personal feed, and tag the company in the Linkedin-hosted video.


Again, try not to send people to YouTube.

(The only exception to this rule currently is LinkedIn, where that’s your only option when sharing a video on your corporate page). But in general on most other platforms, don’t send people to YouTube. We’ve already talked plenty about why that shouldn’t be your primary hosting platform, anyway.

Wherever you upload the video on social media, be sure to post a call-to-action with it.

Include a link for people interested in learning more, and connect it to a longer-form version of the video on your website. Have a blog or a landing page with more information for them, and host the video there using a platform with tracking analytics that won’t distract your viewers.

Yes, this is a lot of work.

But the point is to get people to visit your site… and then stay there.


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