If you’re running a company of any kind, you should know if you don’t already: video marketing is vital to your business growth. But not just any old video will do.

You need to choose and hire a production company with top equipment and skilled professionals. Otherwise, you’ll be shelling out money for a mediocre product that won’t actually fulfill its purpose. Yes, video has a purpose – and not just entertainment!

You need a video that will encourage your prospects to convert into leads, and then buyers. To do that, they have to see that you mean business.

1. Can’t I Market Without Videos?

Traditional print advertising is increasingly being placed on the back-burner by businesses both large and small. If you’re not getting into video, we can assure you: your competitors are.

In this digital age, video marketing is incredibly popular and effective. YouTube dominates the Internet landscape; millions of videos are viewed every day and new ones are added seemingly every second.

In fact, statistics come out regularly that prove video’s popularity. The majority of business owners would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.

2. Why is Video So Effective?

Video marketing works because it provides the greatest benefit to the viewer/consumer. People are much more inclined to watch something than to read about it, especially if the content is promotional in nature.

Writing is an art form, and creative copy can lead to stunning results from an advertising perspective. With that in mind, it is not always easy to get the message across to readers. You may grab the attention of a select few who appreciate literature…but you do so at the expense of potentially thousands of others.

Reading about a company’s products and services in an email or on some type of public forum is less interesting and engaging than being able to see what they are all about. “Show, don’t tell,” we often say.

With video, you can instantly establish a working relationship with customers from the moment they tune in. When done well, it is the perfect opportunity to create a great impression – one which the viewer will remember long after your company’s clip has stopped playing.

3. How Do I Select the Right Video Ad Agency?

It’s important to keep in mind that just because you have a video does not mean it is going to go viral. Before you expose your brand publicly, make sure to eliminate any possibility of eliciting a negative reaction to the content. Hiring a professional video production company like Optimum Productions is an effective way to do this, as we know exactly what good corporate video content looks like.

Not all Atlanta corporate video marketing agencies are alike. Here at Optimum Productions, we carefully consider all aspects of video production and editing. From budget to content, we’ll make sure that your company’s needs are met. Check out our digital portfolio to see the standards of quality we strive to reach!