The power of a great Product Demonstration Video is unparalleled when it comes to showcasing the key selling features and competitive advantages of your product, while entertaining and engaging your potential customers.

OP specializes in producing highly effective and engaging Product Demonstration and Showcase Videos that perform as influential marketing tools. Our professional quality videos will showcase your product using a combination of original HD footage, animation/motion graphics, and advanced editing.

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  • Unboxing/Product Features
  • User Experience
  • Tutorials/Installation
  • How-To Content Library

What To Avoid When Making a Product Video

Don’t skip the planning process. Observe other product/service demos in your industry (and outside of it) to plan how you want to present your own company. Do you want motion graphics to do some of the talking for you, or would your audience rather see the face of the company explain their product? Think carefully about the demographics of the target consumers you are trying to reach. How can you reach this audience on a level that they understand and appreciate?

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good script. A compelling script can make or break a product video, and all the cutting edge editing tools in the world can’t change that. Start with an outline of points you’d like to cover, and build from there.

Don’t settle for amateur quality. Your product demo is a representation not only of your services, but also of your company as a whole. Perception is often reality, after all. Work with a professional production team, voice-over actor and graphic designer to achieve a product demo video that you are proud to stand behind.

Optimum Productions specializes in diversifying online content marketing strategy for our clients. Let’s chat about how we can help you create a Product Video that will Illustrate key features of your product and instruct customers on usage, while enriching your website’s engagement and improving its SEO.