We put tons of time and effort into search engine optimization, or SEO. The entire goal is to drive traffic to your site, generate leads and click-through results, and pull in the best clients and customers for your goods and services. In today’s climate, few things give you an edge on the competition like using professional videos embedded in your posts. Learn why video marketing is a rising star in the marketing universe and can take your brand and image-building efforts into the stratosphere.

Video Marketing and Growth

Nearly 65 percent of all traffic on the Internet these days is comprised of searching for and viewing video content. Video marketing is expected to grow to over 80 percent of online traffic within the next three years. Spending on this kind of marketing is projected to double as usage grows. There’s no underestimating just how widespread the phenomenon is, and it’s to the point now that not only will foregoing videos kill your edge, but it will actually put you behind the times so far as your marketing and SEO strategies go.

Astoundingly Effective

Video advertising and marketing on web pages, blogs, and social media is astoundingly effective.  Videos stick in peoples’ minds. They allow you to hit users on a visceral level that engages users on several levels rather than just reading words on a screen. 44 percent of shoppers look at videos before buying a product. 53 percent of users are more likely to contact a business when there’s a video involved. A whopping 71 percent of shoppers purchase products after viewing a video about them.

Easy to Implement

Once upon a time, videos were exceptionally difficult to implement. They required all kinds of expensive equipment and specialized knowledge. Today, this knowledge and equipment is everywhere for DIY-ers and those who seek to bring in professional video services providers.

These days there just aren’t any barriers to bringing video onto your site, and thus, there’s no reason not to adopt this important strategy. An average viral video campaign can cost a couple of thousands of dollars, and generate ten or twenty thousand in sales—a great return on investment for such an easy and inexpensive approach.

Driving Traffic

Google’s recent Hummingbird algorithm update is designed to prioritize video content. This means that simply including a video increases your chances of boosting your SEO rankings. The numbers speak for themselves—the use of embedded videos on your blogs and sites will drive traffic to you, and will thus increase the effectiveness of your brand building and marketing efforts.

If you are ready to take your marketing strategy to the next level with embedded videos, we are ready to help. Check out our video marketing services, and give us a call for more information today!