Large and small companies, from Google to small-town businesses across America, have learned that having a short overview video is one of the most measurably effective tools for launching a company or product. An overview video gives potential customers a sense of what you do, your business’s personality, experience, and how you approach customer service. Given that most of us today would rather watch a video than read, an overview video on your website extends your message to customers who would be otherwise out of reach. When a potential customer clicks the play button, their mind is automatically engaged and ready to receive your message.

Video provides that multi-sensory approach that produces the best learning experience for most people: combining words, motion, sound, and music. If a picture can be effective in communication, a “live” human being speaking through video can be even more informative and persuasive. People want to connect with other people. They want to do business with people they like. Video allows a business to tap into this human need and connect in a personal way with potential customers.

Another benefit to video is consistency – an overview video presents your company at its best every time, at the click of the mouse. It’s like getting your “A” sales team in front of every single potential customer who seeks information about your company online. A video engages and educates, without you even needing to be there. This saves you lots of time trying to explain the same thing over and over to each new client. Video can also be informative for all people who affect the success of your company; not just customers, but also financial investors, media sites, and bloggers.

Video is even more imperative when your company has expertise in an area that is somewhat foreign to the man on the street. For example, technology services might be a mystery for many people, but not so for the staff of a technology company. One such company is Snap Technology. They asked Optimum Productions to make an overview video for their company and a short highlight video showcasing their company summer party.

The overview video shows the mission, personality, and customer service offered by Snap Technology. The Founder of Snap Technology, Daniel Shaffer, explains their services in terms that allow everyone to understand what they do. He mentions services related to helpdesks and web forms, which everyone has come across in one form or another. Speaking of web forms, I wondered how my dentist had the time and know-how to get those patient forms online. Evidently, the experts at Snap Technology handle that kind of thing!

Daniel Shaffer also explained in the video that his company helps to ensure that your technological systems are maintained so that they don’t go down. Any one of us whose computer has crashed can understand how important that is. The video also includes footage of yellow blinking lights, digital monitors, and clusters of blue and black electrical wires, using images to show what Snap Technology is all about. But there’s something that takes them beyond simply being techies.

Snap Technology President and CEO Shawn Brown explained that their processes, procedures, and automation “deliver a competitive advantage” to their clients. Every business who is concerned about getting a fair share of the market understands the language of “competitive advantage.” And finally, Daniel Shaffer speaks to SNAP Technology’s priority on relationships. He communicates that people matter to them, and relationships matter to them. His approach is to keep customers happy and help their businesses to grow, which means success all around. On top of that, the company shows they are fun to work with – the video was rampant with Hawaiian shirts, tiki torches, and even flame throwers!

In conclusion, an overview video can be a powerful tool for any business seeking to implement new marketing techniques. Video has proven to be a valuable asset, uniquely effective in advancing your company’s mission, goals and services to current and potential customers…but don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of these companies that have utilized video production services to create overview videos, and ask them! OccasionsX-Cel Contacts, St. John Bosco Academy, Erin Johnson Photography, and of course Snap Technology.