Video has never been more prevalent online. Marketers have jumped on the video train enthusiastically because it increases their click-through rates and ultimately raises their conversion rates. To take advantage of these impressive attributes, however, you need your videos to be seen in the first place, and merely posting them on your website or Facebook page won’t get them in front of enough eyes. You should include your videos in your email newsletters.

Adding video to your email newsletter can help you to make a more personal connection with your subscribers. Creating this personal connection is what brand loyalty is ultimately about, and an email newsletter is a great place to deepen and expand that loyalty. Here are a few ways we’ve seen companies foster engagement through their newsletter videos:

  • Thanking customers or volunteers — taking a moment to just express your thanks for their business or time can make a huge difference. Customers and volunteers both want to know that they are appreciated and valuable to your business.
  • Feature your team or corporate culture — putting a human face on your company can help customers to relate to your overall brand. We recommend that you keep these videos light and fun, but they can also work well as informative pieces.
  • Provide tips — customers love learning new and helpful ways to use your product. If you are a B2B company, offer tips for how your clients can improve their businesses in some way that is related to your product.
  • Ask for feedback — usually, asking for feedback would be included with other video topics as a way of encouraging engagement, but you can also use it as its own topic, especially if you are undergoing a rebranding process or are rolling out a new product.

Short videos like these can be created and produced quickly and with little cost, and they can have a huge impact on your business. Consider including a video in your email newsletter this month!