Content marketing is a long-term strategic marketing approach that is focused on consistently creating and delivering valuable & relevant information to a clearly-defined target audience: your prospective customers and purchase influencers.  VIDEO now plays an increasingly important roll for so many reasons: primarily because people engage with video more than other content format, and it boosts the SEO value of your website.

Forrester Research calculated that the impact of ONE MINUTE of video equals 1.8 million words… With your time so valuable and limited, how often do you choose to read an e-book, white paper, case-study, or lengthy email when you can watch an entertaining and informative video instead? This is why video content marketing is more in demand than ever before.

Today’s internet environment has created an explosion of consumer choices, but video does the best job of grabbing your potential customer’s attention, and influencing their buying decisions. To be effective, your video content must ultimately be enjoyable or valuable, customer-centric, build trust, and drive profitable customer action (i.e. propel them towards the sale).

Optimum Productions works closely with clients to create unique, targeted and cost-effective BUSINESS SOLUTION VIDEOS that meet and exceed their marketing objectives.  Offering a wide selection of Atlanta corporate video  styles and formats, we will work closely with you to produce the right type of video that will be on-target, meet your goals and deliver actionable results.