Based on a survey in August 2012 by the Pew Research Center, 85% of American adults use the internet.  Among adults who use the internet, according to a survey in May 2011, 71% have watched a video on a video-sharing site, 78% have researched a product or service online, and 92% have used a search engine to find information. (www.Census.govThe 2012 Statistical AbstractInformation & Communications Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Internet Usage, Table 1158, “Adult Computer and Adult Internet Users by Selected Characteristics:  2000 to 2011”).  The same survey showed that, among college graduates, the likelihood of internet use is even higher — 94%.  Given these stats, it is not surprising that educated parents go online to watch a video, in order to research options for their child’s education.

Optimum Productions was asked to create a video for St. John Bosco Academy, a hybrid homeschool academy, which would promote the school while educating parents about this relatively new option.  At SJB, students attend classes two days a week, with three days of in-home instruction. The unique challenge for this Atlanta video production was to be very informative, while maintaining an engaging visual quality.  The Academy wanted to release the video in time for a fundraising effort to stimulate enrollment for the following fall semester.  We met the need to turn the video around in less than two weeks, without compromising quality.

Mindful of the nonprofit organization’s limited budget, we spent time with students, teachers, and parents to capture their stories.  We shot beautiful footage in HD, showing the warmth of the Academy’s classrooms and teachers.  To get the cool shots, we brought in our fun little Canon 7D on a dolly slider and lighting tools to make sure we could get the right look and feel.   We are pretty excited about how the interviews came out.   It was challenging because we shot everything in one day. We had 2 or 3 different set-ups, and interviewed a bunch of  people for the B roll.   Along the way, we saw for ourselves that the hybrid homeschool is very cost-effective compared to traditional schools.

Incidentally, SJB preferred the “scratch track” voice-over rather than the subsequent professional voice-over.   So the voice you hear on that video . . . is Optimum Production’s very own Danny Gonzales!   He is a family man with a growing family . . . perhaps he has already acquired the tone of a concerned parent?  At least he got a chuckle out of that one.

The really cool thing about the project was that very quickly after the video was produced and released, the resulting enrollments more than paid for the cost of the video production.  SJB actually doubled admissions for the upcoming year, and the client attributes at least 50% of that increase, and possibly more, to the presence of the high-quality video on their website.

We were so pleased that this video production accomplished the client’s goal of promoting the school and educating prospective families, and actually translated into much higher enrollment with immediate and visible results.  This is what Julie Wilborn of SJB Academy had to say about the success of our collaboration:  “…I would say we received at least an increase of 50% from the video. Our total growth in enrollment was right at 100% from last year (WOW!) so it could be even much higher than that. When you consider that the video paid for itself with an additional 1.5 students, it is truly a no brainer. We are so thrilled we did the video, and would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Check out the final video here:

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