You decided to launch a Facebook page and create a profile on Twitter and Pinterest. You did a bit of research and learned that these forums are instrumental for capturing organic traffic and converting leads into customers. You may have had some luck in the beginning –  perhaps your pages even received several likes and follows.

For millions of business owners, this is where the action ends. If your online traffic is dwindling, it is time to make a change! Take a moment to pat yourself on the back because there are still many professionals who are missing out on the benefits of social media marketing.

Social Media Campaigns: Far From Second-Rate

Social media is all about bringing people together. Friends and family can stay in touch and in tune with what is going on in the lives of those they care about. Though often passed off as trivial or unprofessional, it is important to keep in mind that social media sites like Facebook are now a central juncture where businesses and customers connect as well. It won’t be long until the number of corporate pages has overtaken those of private profiles, if they haven’t already.

A social media campaign is an excellent way to market your company’s brand and gain quality exposure. If you aren’t already using videos, make it a priority to do so. Your goal is to get noticed and bring in new customers, and a professional Atlanta business video depicting what your brand is all about is just the way to bring your company to life! A great video is easy to distribute across the spectrum of social media forums, increasing exposure to your business with each click of the mouse.

Video Marketing at its Finest

Viral content is that which is created and distributed at precisely the right point in time. It is catchy and what people want to watch. The most recent trend in the video world is Vine. These short (6 to 7 second clips) are free to use and can be seamlessly integrated into Facebook and Twitter pages. Vines are trending like crazy right now and are an excellent way to supplement your company’s professional video content online.

Other popular video formats include those available by Instagram, Facebook and Google+. These are better served for longer, more in-depth Atlanta business videos. Facebook allows users to create up to 20 minutes of HD content and Google Hangouts can be used to bring 10 webcams together for ultimate branding exposure.

A social media campaign without video is bound to fail sooner or later. Get on board now by letting the business video professionals here at Optimum Productions help you explore your options. You won’t regret it!