Video is the the leading digital marketing tactic today, currently enjoying the most desired and most effective of all tactics available to corporations and businesses. To get the maximum effectiveness of your video marketing campaigns, be sure to pay attention to these specific assessments:

Engagement Estimates

Viewer engagement metrics tell you how well your video resonates with the people who have seen it. Ways to measure engagement include:

  • Likes and Ratings– This will measure how people are reacting to the video, and will help you spot videos that are turning viewers away.
  • Comments– These also gauge viewer reactions, but give you more specific information than likes and ratings.
  • Shares– This will tell you how many viewers were so excited about your video that they had to pass it on.
  • Channel Subscribers– This will give you a sense of the overall strength of your marketing campaign.
  • Length of Views– Tools like YouTube Analytics will measure how many viewers watched most or all of your video and how many stopped watching early on.

Conversion Calculations

Conversion tracking measures how many viewers go on to buy your product, sign up for a listserv or newsletter, or fulfill some other business goal. Conversions allow you to measure the efficacy of each video directly and determine the most effective way of advertising your company. You can also estimate conversions on multiple devices. If a customer watches a video on his or her smartphone and then later purchases the product on a laptop, conversion tracking will still pick this up.

Viewer Volume

Don’t underestimate the inherent importance of getting many views. Even if you can’t directly link your videos’ views to website traffic, as long as the video is related to your company, it will almost certainly increase revenues in the long run. Customers who enjoy the video won’t always directly go out and buy your product, especially if they have no need for it at the time. By creating a subtle yet positive image of your company, however, the video makes it likely that they will buy your product when they do need it months or years down the road. They will also be more likely to recommend your product to friends, family and business partners who need it.

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Image Source: Pixabay