Marketing with video content is more relevant than ever before.

Businesses are seeing so much success through video marketing, especially when it comes to B2B. It has recently been reported that video marketing is more successful than any other content marketing tool.

Here are some reasons why our video production company believes you should utilize video content too:

  1. The majority of marketers see video content as a quality business opportunity.
  2. The numbers show that video marketing is a major fuel for sales.
  3. Many marketers use and track the effectiveness of video marketing to use it to their advantage.

Taking Advantage of Video Marketing

It’s important to use the information that you gather from your video content responses to improve marketing strategies.

In fact, the majority of marketers that have used video content for B2B have reported that they found success in meeting or even exceeding campaign goals.

The point of video marketing is to get your message straight to your target audience. There are so many different outlets to do this, from your company’s blog to YouTube to Facebook and more. The same video in dozens of places will help your video be easily syndicated.  Consider utilizing video testimonials for your B2B company or brand because those words speak louder than a written review. They’re more relatable and honest.

Video helps set a tone and personality for your company much more efficiently than the written word. By giving your target audience a clear view of your brand’s personality through video, your message becomes more precise and actionable.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Our Atlanta videographers know that a picture is worth a thousand words, so how much does that make a video worth?

To learn more about creating a successful marketing video, talk to one of our Atlanta corporate video experts.

Image Courtesy of: Creative Commons