The office can sometimes become a bit of a disaster area over time. With busy schedules and never enough time in the day, cleaning up can be put on the back-burner. So the I decided to set a special time during the day to spiff things up. I started cleaning up the office and among the empty coffee mugs and crumpled papers I found a little surprise. While I was designing the Optimum Productions DVD Demo Reel Case, I needed some help visualizing the final product. I printed out the dimensions of the DVD case and made a miniature version of the real thing. While it’s not at all fancy by any means, it serves a purpose.

Miniature DVD Case Example Proof

Miniature DVD Case Example Proof

DVD Case Design

Final DVD Case Design


The concept continues with video production. Storyboards are a great way to organize ideas during the Pre-Production stage of a project. Storyboards are graphic organizers such as a series of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a motion picture, animation, motion graphic or interactive media sequence, including website interactivity (quoted from Wikipedia). Optimum Productions uses them to help our clients visualize their particular project or concept. Below is a sample storyboard that we created for a simple project.



Next time you need help visualizing a project you’re working on, grab a pen and paper or your computer and create a visual example that you can touch, feel, and flip around.


– David