Congratulations on choosing video content marketing as a key promotional tactic for your business… but the question is: Are you using it effectively?

While it may be true that there is nothing more cost-efficient (not to mention exciting) than video when it comes to maximizing ROI, your specific results will vary greatly based upon the video’s quality, creative message and its ability to engage your target consumer. But often, the most important element of all is the effectiveness of the Call-To-Action.

Captivating Content Transitions to Viewer Action

The most challenging aspect of converting a website visitor from a “surfing shopper” into a “bona fide buyer” can be:

  • piquing their interest,
  • holding their attention,
  • and providing them with an avenue of action that matches their level of desire at any given moment.

Your video may be entertaining and even chock-full of valuable information, but few people will make the conversion to buyer unless the path to purchase is a smooth and authentic transition.

While the internet has created a generation of more diligent consumers, ones who can quickly compare products and services with the click of a button, the essence of selling never changes. Shoppers have to be sold on your key attributes, unique advantages and competitive differentiation in order to make a purchase. And your video will be the essential catalyst in making that happen on your website, 24/7.

Atlanta video production pros note that crafting a compelling CTA, or call-to-action, can help make you the champion of online conversions for your company.  Video marketing in particular offers plenty of opportunities for creativity, effectiveness and increasing ROIs with customized calls-to-action.

How to Make Your Videos Execute Flawlessly

  • Annotations are your friend – These are the little boxes of text that emerge from time to time reminding viewers to proceed further (e.g. subscribe, buy, comment, share, etc.). Our video production company in Atlanta can help you strategically place the perfect pieces of text that will guarantee to convert.
  • Integrate the call-to-action into the video – The attention span of your audience does not last long, which is why it is not recommended to separate the CTA from the video itself. Including a brief screen with commentary telling the viewer what they should do next is simple and effective.
  • Take advantage of YouTube Ad Overlays – As long as your channel is Google AdWords-friendly, you can add a clickable link into the clip directing viewers to the appropriate landing page, whether that is a subscription box or a purchase option.

Delivering Proven Analytic Results

These are a few of the proven techniques that can increase conversions on your website.  A knowledgable Atlanta video production professional should be able to recommend a wide variety of CTAs that are strategically integrated into any video production project, and can deliver the analytics to prove the results.

Optimum Productions is a leader in the Atlanta Video Production market and specializes in Corporate Video and creating effective Video Content Marketing.  Our talented staff is dedicated to realizing the vision you have for your video, and delivering the highest quality video production within your budget. Give us a call today, and let’s talk about Results-Driven Video Solutions for your business.