So we were MIA for a while… 2012 started out with a bang! We have had a VERY busy first quarter. We finally got a chance to catch our breath and give you a little update on some of the video projects we have been working on. In January a new Atlanta based company called eCache needed to produce a fairly high end business promo video for their new product. They needed a talented and experienced Atlanta video production company to quickly get the job done without compromising quality. So, they reached out to us. What is eCache? Simply put, eCache is a mobile payment app for iPhone and droid devices that simplifies purchasing. Through secure features this app allows you to forgo carrying your wallet and loyalty rewards cards around and pay for items simply by scanning a barcode on your iPhone or Android… pretty neat!

Like most Atlanta video productions, there are always unique challenges the arise. The big challenge in this case was an extremely tight turn-around…same day/night kinda turn-around, from script to screen in a little over 24 hours kinda turn around! We respect and understand our client’s deadlines and work with them. Luckily we like challenges so we got right to it. To film the promo video we primarily utilized our Canon 7D which gave a great depth of field and clarity to the entire piece. It took a total of 5 hours to film and get all the shots we needed including make script revisions/additions/etc. We filmed at a great café location out in Virginia Highlands – called Market across the street. After filming we took it back to the office to start editing as our clients needed the piece the next morning for a big presentation. After some heavy editing we cranked it out to our excited clients. I think a simple line in they’re email to us said it all:

Thanks for an amazing effort. We were very excited with the final product!

Take a moment and check out their website at, you will notice our video featured on their home page. Along with its use to present to investors, eCache uses it as an overview piece for their website. Not that I am biased or anything but I have to say that having a video on the home page of your website, social media, trade show booth, sales presentations, etc engages users SO much more. There is a ton of data to back up this claim in previous blogs of ours. If you currently aren’t utilizing the powerful marketing tool known as video please give us a call 678-799-7462 (or email us at [email protected]). I guarantee it will improve your sales and customer engagement. If you want to start implementing video but don’t know how, still call us and we’ll give you some ideas of how video could help your company. We’ll even tell you some things you can start doing today… with whatever camera you currently own (iPhone, still camera, etc.) Don’t miss out on this thing called video marketing!

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