While a company overview video is a great place to start, the field of Atlanta video production encompasses even more possibilities for increasing your company’s visibility.  For instance, a series of how-to videos is a great way to establish yourself as an expert for potential clients.

By generating useful content, you become an asset and tool for a customer, instead of just another vendor.   This is a real relationship and it greatly enhances your SEO and increases your visibility online.  People will look at your content and say, “wow, this company has it going on — they really helped me out.”

This way of finding new customers is called inbound marketing.  You create content that captures people who are actively searching for information that you can provide.  Your “how-to videos” literally draw them towards your knowledge, your website, your company and ultimately your products and services.

With inbound marketing, you ask yourself “What do my customers need?”  “What information are they looking for?” and “What can I provide to them as an added value, so that they will come to me instead of a competitor?”  This approach is far more effective than traditional outbound marketing, where you throw your money at marketing products and cross your fingers, hoping that something sticks to the wall.

Consider how much we rely on internet videos when we have a problem to solve, such as changing out a garbage disposal in a sink.  Inevitably, we go online and find a video that’s on point.  Look at the great strategy used by Home Depot, which has established itself as a DIY resource.

The Home Depot online system of how-to videos covers all kinds of projects.  You can learn how to install garbage disposals and electrical outlets, or get tips for household painting projects.  While online, you can even buy the supplies you need right away.

Everyone knows that the internet is a huge source of information, so why not incorporate this modern fact of life into your marketing strategy?  People are out there looking for knowledge and expertise.  This is an opportunity for you to provide answers to their questions.

You can create video tutorials to solve problems for your clients.  If they get that information from your website and your videos, they are much more likely to purchase your products and services.  You can make several videos and get them out on social networks like youtube, as well as your company website.  Make the videos readily accessible so that people who need your expertise can find it.

The videos will quickly establish you and your company as a source of expertise, which your existing customers and new clients will grow to rely upon.  At Optimum Productions, we can make it easy for you to create how-to videos and capitalize on the great power of Atlanta video production to attract new clients.