In a difficult economic climate, growing your business may require taking more creative measures. Consider using videos as part of your marketing efforts. That will help you reach a vast segment of the population for whom watching videos is almost synonymous to breathing.

1. Videos Attract Your Prospects

Having a video about your company or the products and services you offer is a good way to introduce yourself to viewers who may not be familiar with what you do.

If you have a website, as most businesses in this day and age do, the FAQ page would be a good place for a video. Your viewers will be more engaged watching a video about your company than clicking on a series of questions and answers. No matter how informative text can be, video is king.

Having a video also tells visitors that your company knows how to use technology to its advantage – a definite plus for a generation who considers life before the internet as the Dark Ages.

2. Videos Encourage Your Workers

Part of growing a business is keeping your work force invested in the company, to make certain they are motivated to do their jobs well.

If you have a company video that showcases the important role they play in the success of the company, that goes a long way. Your workers will feel appreciated and inspired. Their picture on a company brochure is nice, but showing them “in action” and hard at work creates a bigger and more lasting impact on your work staff.

3. Videos Spread News Better Than Text

When you want to publicize your business or share an important milestone, consider using a video press release. Opening a new branch somewhere? Release a video update on your website! Did you hire on a new executive who wants to introduce themselves? Send out a video message! Looking to fill a recently-opened position? Post a video on social media!

A well-done video attracts more people than a full blown ad in the Sunday edition, which many will toss in the recycling bin on the following day anyway. Honestly, when was the last time you re-read an ad in the paper? A professional video, on the other hand, gives your viewer something more. You give them a human connection, and they can return to it whenever they wish.

An effective marketing strategy has to take a lot of factors into consideration, of course. But you should definitely take advantage of every available tool to connect with your audience and spur them into action. A company video is a powerful tool in the hands of a technologically-savvy marketer.

At Optimum Productions, we can help you harness the power of video to help drive your business and give you a leg up on the competition. Our professionally produced videos will capture and communicate your image, your products, and your people…all to target your specific audience in a way no two dimensional media tool can do.