No one likes wasting money. I hate it! Plenty of people find ways to waste their money every single day. Why do they do that? It actually gives me a big pain right in the… er, heart.

Well, if you happen to be one of those people looking for a way to blow your Video Marketing budget, I’ve got two tips to help you do just that!

#1 – Party in Vegas!

Take your Video Marketing budget and hit the casinos! Go and play all night – and if you’re really ambitious, I bet you could blow the entire budget in a matter of hours.

#2 – Don’t Measure Your Video’s R.O.I.

Even though a lot of businesses want to know their video’s return-on-investment, the truth is that most companies don’t really know how to measure it. So they pay and pray. Or maybe they did set a goal of, say, 1,000 views; they posted it online and shared it with every friend-of-a-second-cousin they could get their hands on; and they reached a thousand views. Awesome!… Now what?

Things like page-visits, view counts, email opens and bounce rates are great, but those numbers leave out critical information. Imagine if there was a way to get deep analytics that would give you insights into exactly who is watching your video, or even how much of your video people watch before they click away.  Imagine no more – video analytics are here.

Analytics are just as important to your video campaign as the actual video, if not more. Say for one example that you have a 2-minute video with 10,000 views, but on average your viewer only watches 10 seconds.  This is a big problem.  Video analytics give you this visibility so that you can make a change to the video and get better results and reclaim that money left on the table.

You wouldn’t send out a survey without a way to tally the answers, would you? So why would you send your carefully crafted, expensive videos out into the digital universe without a plan to capture the results? You definitely made the investment, so it’s critical that you have a way to measure the return. Video analytics give you the ability to truly measure a video campaign with tangible results to show your boss how you spent your budget… otherwise, you may as well be asking him to fund your next night out in Vegas.

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