With the economy picking up slowly but surely, more companies are hiring once again. It is important to orient these new employees properly so that the beginning of their employment with your company will be an auspicious one.

In a big corporation, a human resources staff member usually takes care of the induction process of a new hire. In small companies, this could be handled by the owner or a higher ranking co-worker. In addition to the personal welcome, a company video is an excellent way to get a new hire onboard quickly.

With a video presentation of your company, the new employee can “meet” his co-workers even before the first handshake. Pictures on a company brochure are static; seeing someone moving about in his or her work environment has a greater impact on the viewer. The company history, the different departments, policies, and rules of deportment can all be effectively relayed on video.

In addition, making a company video part of the orientation process gives your other employees a chance to welcome their new co-worker. It becomes more of a company-wide effort, rather than just a task handled by someone in human resources.

When making a company video, it is important to make sure that the end product truly captures and conveys the ethos and nature of the company. This is especially crucial for new hires who may not be as familiar with the company culture as long-time employees. Projecting a less than accurate company image can confuse or mislead a new employee that could turn into misunderstandings or unwanted conflicts down the road.

Our creative production staff at Optimum Productions works closely with you to create a company video that truly reflects and presents your corporate image to your audience. We coordinate with you and your staff from beginning to end to produce a company video that captures the spirit and identity of your company accurately and relays your message clearly.