The best way to start making corporate videos is to study other videos that work. The following five clips show corporate marketing at its best:

Intro to ZenCash

This video provides a fast-paced explanation of the invoice filing startup ZenCash. Quick videos are often confusing, but the company mitigates that problem by displaying every message in text form. Text messages run the risk of seeming patronizing or redundant, but by carefully incorporating the text into the video’s other visuals, the company makes it look like a natural artistic choice.

Oh, How I Want Netflix

This Netflix commercial sacrifices specificity for overall effect, a choice that pays off brilliantly. The video displays a myriad of clips and quotes from various movies and shows available on Netflix. Viewers are unlikely to remember much about the individual shows and movies displayed, but the point isn’t to convince people to watch any particular program. Instead, the company shows the sheer volume of entertainment choices it can offer, demonstrating that it will entertain viewers of all backgrounds and interests.

Call The Pilot, Maybe

This video adapts Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit song “Call Me Maybe” to promote a North Carolina newspaper and its subsidiaries. The song is the only audio in the video; at no point do the stars stop dancing to talk about their company. In the hands of a less competent director, such a gimmick could be distracting, but through good visual storytelling, this video clearly communicates what each of the businesses involved are for.

Spotlight on HubSpot

Describing the basics of modern marketing runs the risk of boring or confusing potential viewers, but HubSpot explains it in easy-to-understand terms. Viewers come away from this video with a good understanding of marketing and, crucially, the recognition that HubSpot gave them that understanding.

The Art of Airbnb

Travel companies have no shortage of useful advertising tropes, from beautiful scenery to relaxing vacation suggestions to an atmosphere of youthful independence. Airbnb manages to use all of these tropes in less than 2 minutes. The video deserves special credit for pointing out that Airbnb gives its customers a way to earn money as well as a way to spend it, making customers see the company as a partner rather than a resource.

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Image Source: Pixabay