Hi, I’m Danny Gonzales with Optimum Productions, and we are all about results-driven video solutions for your company or business. If you are thinking you need to increase your online visibility with video, but wondering, “What kinds of videos are worth investing in to get my company on the search engine maps and get results?” Well, today we are going to share with you three really awesome, cost-effective types of videos – which are pretty easy to create and can have a measurable impact almost immediately.

#1 – Product Demo

First, it’s really important to have an up-to-date product demonstration video. Tutorial and “How-To” videos are great because buyers like to see exactly what they are getting, and how they will be using your product. These can be a huge competitive advantage and help you really stand out online.

#2 – Virtual Tour

The second type of video may surprise you, but it’s a virtual tour of your office or warehouse. Why? Because it showcases your company’s service and technological capabilities. Take a virtual stroll through your offices and show off the smiling faces of service personnel, and then highlight any state-of-the-art, cutting-edge equipment or technology you use. Be sure to talk about anything you have, that your competitor doesn’t.

#3 – Customer Testimonials

Third, and one of the absolute best types of videos to have is customer testimonials. Ask your best customers to share their success stories on video – and if they can give glowing endorsements of your product or service… well, that is incredibly valuable. Always keep your eyes and ears open for customers who sing your praises, and then capture their excitement on video. It will inspire and motivate other potential clients!

So, to sum up, it can be challenging to choose the best types of videos to invest in for your business, but these three are great choices because they are all exceptionally cost-effective and they get results!

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