You know by now that inbound marketing is the way to go, but perhaps you don’t know where to start.  Here are three easy and inexpensive ways to move in this direction.

First, create a simple website featuring some form of content, whether it’s a blog entry, a white paper, or an area that features how-to videos.

Second, market your website using social media such as Facebook, or any other marketing tool that you already have in place, such as an email newsletter.

Third, include your contact information on each page of your website so that people can reach out to you and start an ongoing relationship.

These simple steps for inbound marketing can be maximized by the use of a simple video.  Video is powerful and engaging, with statistics showing that video drastically increases SEO.  An in-depth study by Forrester in 2010 found that a page with video is 53 times more likely to achieve a Page One result on Google.  In the world of marketing today, the fastest growing segments are social media and SEO, with videos propelling some sites above others.

According to, almost 60% of businesspeople surveyed by Forbes in October 2010 said that they would watch a video before reading text on the same webpage, and 22% said they generally liked watching video more than browsing text for business information.

What might the use of Atlanta video production and inbound marketing look like for a company like yours?  Let’s say you’re an insurance agency with a new video targeted to business owners.  The video explains the importance of professional liability insurance.  You can place the video on your website and link it to your Facebook page.  You could also send out an email newsletter and invite old and new clients to check out your new video.

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