Are you wanting to increase your online visibility by incorporating video into your content marketing arsenal, but wondering what types of videos are worth investing in to get started?

Here are three essential, cost-effective types of videos you can easily create to upgrade your existing web content, that will have a measurable impact on your viewers and potential customers almost immediately.

1.  Up-to-date Product Demonstrations

Unboxing and tutorial videos are viewed extensively on YouTube because buyers like to see exactly what they are getting, and want to accurately understand how they will be using your product.  You can often stand out against your competition and gain a huge advantage just by this tactic alone.  A professional video agency should easily be able to give you a variety of cost-effective production options.

2.  Virtual Tour of Your Office/Warehouse/Facilities

Showcase your company’s standards of service, technological capabilities and corporate culture by giving them a virtual stroll through your offices and introduce them to key service personnel they will have access to after the sale.  Be sure to highlight all state-of-the-art and cutting-edge equipment or technology you use.  This can be especially valuable when customers are evaluating capabilities side-by-side against your competitors.

3.  Highlighting Customer Successes

Having your best customers sharing their success stories and attributing them to your product or service is invaluable.  You should always be following up with your customers and keeping your eyes and ears open — when they start singing your praises, there is a short window of opportunity to capture their excitement on video and use it to inspire other potential clients.

It can be a challenge to decide where and when it is most worthwhile to invest in upgrading your content to include professional quality video, but choosing any one of these three advantageous formats will

  • enhance your online strategies,
  • boost engagement of your potential customers,
  • and provide measurable ROI.

Three Easy, Yet Essential Video Formats for Your Content Marketing by Danny Gonzales, Owner of Optimum Productions