“You can’t spell ‘Earth’ without ‘Art’.”



For those of you who are shaking your fist at our ramblings about strategy and saying, “Enough! Where is the fun CREATIVE part?!” Well, today’s your day. All of the creative ideas you’ve been holding in can finally go into a binder, or even an entire wall – called a “Mood Board.”


  1. Pick Your Tone.

The direction for this is pulled directly from the creative brief.  This is about giving your project a certain look or feeling. Collect videos, pictures, or even music tracks that excite you or resemble the look you’re going for – sort of like putting together paint swatches when you’re trying to find the right style for your house. This isn’t about being a copycat: this is about searching for inspiration. Are you going for something informative, or sentimental? Pumped full of adrenaline, or overflowing with laughs? And if you have videos that you know you definitely DON’T want this campaign to resemble, then you’re welcome to include a few of those as well.

  1. Pick Your Style.

This may sound like a bit of a no-brainer, but give me a chance to explain. You may know WHAT you want to say, but the type of video you make will alter how the message is RECEIVED.  Let’s say for example that you want to kick of a series of video testimonials.  There are several different ways to portray these from a “talking head approach” where just the viewer is talking (kind of like this video) all the way to a more story-based approach with B-roll (also known as supporting footage) and narration that gives the viewer a unique perspective.  The key is to choose a style that captures the attention of your audience, and keeps them engaged and interested long enough to get your key message across.

  1. Fit Your Branding.

Does your company have any catchphrase, colors, or logo requirements for each of its marketing campaigns? Do you have a slogan that defines your business or this particular video’s message? Do you want one? Include notes on any rules set by company branding, because those are definitely important to adhere to… but look for ways to branch out, too.

  1. Write Down Everything.

One final tip when it comes to the creative process, and if you forget everything else I’ve said in this video then remember this: WRITE. DOWN. EVERYTHING. Jot down or snap a pic of every idea that connects with your goals, without judgement – even script or slogan ideas, if they pop up early. Ideas are free, so you can keep the best and throw out the worst at the end of the brainstorming phase. Just capture IDEAS. And have fun with them!


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