You can’t hit your target if you don’t know what you’re aiming for.

Hopefully by now we’ve driven home the need for strategy in your next marketing campaign. However, it’s entirely possible that you’re sitting there and thinking, “I get it! I know I need a strategy! I just don’t know how to MAKE one!” Well, hopefully by the end of this video… you will.


  1. Define Your Goal

Begin with the end in mind, and figure out what your video is SUPPOSED to do. Do you want more people on your email list? More followers on social media? More employees that know how to do their jobs? Believe it or not, videos can do lots of different things – so pick your goal.

  1. Define “Success.”

Now that your video has a purpose, set a bar for it to reach. Maybe ANY increase in website traffic is all that you want to see… or maybe you’re hoping for something more specific, like a 10% increase in subscribers or revenues.  

  1. Define Your Target Audience.

There’s a reason it’s called a ‘target’ audience: you need to take aim. Know the demographics of the viewers that you want to get results from. Keep track of what interests them, what types of videos they consume, and what campaigns have worked in the past with them. Most importantly, make a list of their pain points: the problems and frustrations that they have which you aim to solve.

  1. Define Your Results.

Once you have goals in mind and bars to reach, make sure you actually have a way to MEASURE your results, too, so you can see if they hold up. You can’t just assume that any increase in revenues can be attributed to your campaign once it’s been launched. Your video needs to make your chosen demographic do something, so choose your call to action and find a way to keep track of those numbers.

  1. Define Your Viewing Method.

Part of setting your measurement standards involves considering the medium that you’re going to use. How will your audience view your content? Email marketing? Ads? Social media posts?  Will your video be viewed on mobile devices – better make sure that any text on the screen will be legible from a small screen.  Each option has its own set of pros, cons, viewer engagement levels, and methods of measurement… so choose wisely.


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