Videos have infiltrated every corner of the internet. Now, with the release of HTML 5 (which allows videos to play without the need for plug-ins), they will become even more pervasive.

This is great for companies because it gives you more time to convert a potential customer. People will consume more information, and for longer, via video than through text.

Whereas online consumers typically only spend 10 seconds with text before they decide to stay on a site or move on, YouTube statistics offer that 80% of viewers are willing to stick with a film for longer than 10 seconds— as long as the content interests them.

One of the best ways for companies to take advantage of this longer viewer retention is through the use of video testimonials. Video testimonials offer your potential customers instant feedback from real people about your product or services.

Business can boom if you have buyers who will speak candidly and positively on your behalf. Conversion rates increase dramatically when a video testimonial is introduced to your site. It’s all because your potential customers just want someone they can believe, who tells them that what you sell is worth it.

1. It’s All About Trust

So many companies forget that they are not just selling their product or service. They are marketing their credibility as well. Your credibility is just as valuable a commodity as anything you sell.

If consumers feel that they cannot trust your company, they almost certainly will not gamble their hard-earned money on your services. Video testimonials help to build their trust in you. This is especially valuable for small or newer companies that aren’t widely known to consumers.

Seeing and hearing a real person give an unrehearsed testimonial about how great your company is can greatly encourage your customers. It shows them your company as being worth their investment.

2. Testimonials Are Hard to Fake

The main reason why video testimonials engineer a higher level of trust is that they’re much more difficult to fake. Any old liar can write up a fictional review on Google or Yelp.

Unfortunately, many companies are more than willing to stoop to creating fake testimonials online. It’s child’s play to create false written testimonials, and adding a smiling headshot of a “happy customer.” It only takes a few image searches to do.

Video testimonials are much more costly and time consuming to create— let alone fake. Why do that if you have happy customers? Most of them should be more than glad to help you as you helped them; either for free or for a small incentive.

3. Create Instant Positivity

One of the best things about video testimonials is that they quickly and effectively engineer a positive association for your future customers.

Having a real person explaining their experience with your company allows the viewer to believe that they will have a similar experience. It’s almost identical to a face-to-face recommendation.

Even if your prospect is considering buying a product or service that’s different from the one discussed in the testimonial, the overall positive association with your company and brand will still help to encourage a sale. They’ll know you treated your customer well, and they’ll expect the same.