VIRTUAL was the word of the year for 2020 at Optimum Productions. Trade shows, education events, annual kickoffs, awards ceremonies… so many companies had to take their events and figure out a way to fit them onto a computer monitor and hope people pay attention.

The ICAA (The Institute of Classical Architecture and Art) was one group that held nothing back in making their virtual ceremony a night to remember. Their annual Acanthus Awards are a moment for recognizing the great architectural achievements of their members and to exemplify excellence in the field.

The event was modeled to reflect the feeling of a night at the Oscars, lending attention to members, admirers, and sponsors alike. Check out the event below and see what you think! 

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Check out the responses below from the immediate aftermath: 

“WOW….just WOW!!! What a wonderful presentation. Great job everyone, this was just a pleasure to watch!”

“Beyond my imagination. You outdid yourself.”

“SO incredible!! Last night was so fun for everyone to watch - my husband loved it too. Such a  professional presentation - I heard someone say it earlier so I’m stealing this - but it did feel like the Academy Awards of Architecture! I could just picture Scott ripping open the envelope to reveal the winner.”

“That was a FABULOUS Acanthus Awards presentation! Although we missed seeing lots of folks in person, we enjoyed hearing what the winners had to say about receiving their awards.”

If you would like to learn more about the basics of building a virtual event with confidence, we have plenty of resources you will love!

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