Corporate videos may have once been considered a joke: bad actors, cheesy lines and melodramatic scenes distracted people from the real message at the heart of each segment. Today, corporate videos are essential – They serve as a smart way to engage people in the many things they’ll need to learn about the culture and values of the workplace they’re about to enter. Let’s look at how things were versus how things are today in corporate videos.

Corporate Videos in the Past

Companies may not have fully grasped the tool that was available to them in the past. They may have used old stock footage just to meet a legal requirement about sexual harassment or safety. They may have paused during a routine showing to point out where the actual emergency exits were in the building everyone was in, or commented on the slight differences that each office has when filling out paperwork. What is arguably the most useful information about a company: things like learning shorthand, how to deal with authority and who has the best attitude when it comes to last minute tasks-those things can only be learned in time and on the job.

Today’s Corporate Videos

It’s becoming commonplace for business owners to learn that if the topics being presented aren’t relevant, then the audience will never get the true message, making the whole exercise a complete waste of time. These videos are likely some of the first things your new employees will see when they start their positions, so if they feel like they’re being pandered to (e.g., they already know not to use derogatory terms), then you’re risking the respect they have for the company. Also, a video isn’t likely to be the inspiration for someone to turn over a new leaf if they already have unprofessional habits. Essentially, you’re just trying to get them to assimilate as quickly and efficiently as possible. Not only is there practical information given about the policies, but people are also give an idea as to the core of the company’s goals and roots.

Looking to Produce a Corporate Video? Use These Tips

What are the most common problems you see around the workplace? What gets your workers excited? Ideally, you should have a mix of both basic protocol as well as a general representation of the attitudes in and around the office. For example, you might show a scene where people collaborate, disagree and support in a realistic and respectful manner. The subject covered should be something relevant to their positions and the conversation should be as natural as possible.

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