OP works long and hard hours in utterly undesirable locations from time to time. One particularly touch trip this past July sent OP down to the sandy beaches of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.

Hey, before you get ahead of me, let me tell you: we weren’t sipping drinks with little umbrellas on a pristine beach with water so clear that you can see down twenty plus feet all the live-long day!

…just part of the day.

For this difficult job, we headed down to a private house in the Caribbean to create a stunning promo video to aid in advertising it as a vacation rental. We filmed the 5-bedroom house and all it had to offer; including a Jacuzzi, the enormous party deck, and of course the tiny beach containing 700 ft of Caribbean waterfront property. Needless to say, this definitely takes the number-one spot for the most beautiful location that OP has ever shot at.

It isn’t too difficult to film good video when you are in beautiful locations. You can just point the camera at anything and it looks awesome. Gotta love those low pressure shoots! It certainly seems to fit the laid back culture down on the islands.