There is no sure-fire way to come up with a viral video. Here at Optimum Productions, however, we believe you can stack the odds in your favor if you follow the tips below.

Create a Quality Product

No one will share your video if it’s grainy or dark and shot as if the camera person was riding shotgun on a rickety truck across the craters of the moon. As a seasoned Atlanta video production company, we know how expensive modern video equipment is; but you do not need to spend a fortune on state-of-the-art cameras or high-end lighting equipment to create with a quality video.

Pay attention to details. Plan your shots ahead of time, make sure you have a dependable sound system and adequate lighting. Create a video your audience can view clearly; no one will share a video that is unwatchable. Why would anyone care to watch and share your video if you did not take the time to come up with a good one?

Tell a Good Story

Engage the attention of your audience right off the bat. Remember that it only takes one click to for them to move on to the next interesting thing online.

Appeal to your viewers’ emotions. Make them laugh and cry – punch their emotional buttons without pandering to cheap sensationalism; a fine line, yes, but one worth mastering in order to get your viewers to share your video.

Stay Current

Chances are no one will be interested in watching and sharing a video about Milli Vanilli in this day and age. Milli who, you ask? Precisely! Content that relates to interesting people, current events and popular trends stand a good chance of going viral. Why would anyone want to share a video about a long-forgotten R&B duo whose only claim to infamy is lip-synching their way to a Grammy award?

If you want to know more about viral videos or about other video services in Atlanta, come to us. We’ll be glad to share our expertise and experience with you.