We’ve hit the end of an era, folks. Not only is the 2019 fourth quarter over– but a whole decade has wrapped up! And if your business has been running anything like ours this year, you’re likely somewhat out of breath and definitely not able to remember what you had for breakfast yesterday.

That’s one of the reasons we stop at the end of every quarter, pause, then look back and marvel at what we’ve accomplished in the past three months. Our show has interviewed some fascinating people– and if you’re a newcomer looking for an easy way to catch up and sample a bit of our show, then look no further.


The first month of the 2019 fourth quarter started off with a bang. Danny had seen John Joyce, Global Marketing Director of Brennan Industries, speak at Content Marketing World– and he was quickly hungry for more!

John joined us for a remote interview to discuss the ways that his company has been meeting buyer needs through all sorts of mediums– both digital and analog. In fact, one of their most highly-popular content offers is only available in printed form!

But that was only the beginning. The Georgia Manufacturing Summit blazed through Atlanta yet again, and IndustrialSage hosted a ninety-minute panel discussion on the importance (and the how-to) of transitioning into digital tactics as a manufacturer.

Sloan MacKarvich of Tie Down and Drew Carl of Superior Essex shared some fantastic insights on the dos and don’ts of digitizing your marketing and sales processes. They even shared stories and exceptional advice when the session wrapped up with a question-and-answer session.


As the 2019 fourth quarter grew colder (albeit erratically down here in Georgia) we got to sit down with Charlie Riley, Head of Marketing for Curbell Plastics. Charlie was able to adamantly confirm a strategy that we’d suspected for some time: fresh marketing content and ideas might be right under your nose within your company.

A lot of industrial marketers stress out over trying to find original assets and materials– but they may have staff members or even engineers who field questions from leads regularly, and who know powerful case studies like the back of their hands. Every answer they possess can be turned into dozens of different pieces of content.


Due to the November holiday, our next guest’s episode didn’t air until December– but the month was jam-packed with valuable insights and interviewees!

Kevin Brown, co-founder and CEO of LeadSmart Technologies, coined a new term that Danny loved: the “black hole lead crisis.” In short, a lot of industrial manufacturers assume that low sales are due to poor lead generation by their marketers or outside agencies. However, poor lead execution might be the reason why sales reps or distributors are fumbling perfectly good leads without realizing it.

Our last interview of the 2019 fourth quarter was Tyler Lessard. He happens to be the CMO of Vidyard– a video hosting platform that we know and love very well here at Optimum Productions and IndustrialSage.

Tyler gave many practical explanations of how sales teams need to not only use video, but create it as a standard sales tool. Much in the same way that sales reps have been trained in cold calling or Powerpoint presentation creation, they also need tools and flexibility to start learning how to use video as well. Avoiding it just isn’t an option.

Now…not to give anything away…but there are so many mind-blowing episodes coming down the pipe in 2020 that we can barely contain ourselves. We’re going to be covering even more materials, from the familiar IoT to the brand new and terrifying field of blockchain.

So, if I was you…I’d definitely subscribe and stick around. It’s going to be one heck of a decade.




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