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In the new world of home offices and remote work, many companies are trying to employ virtual town hall meetings to maintain regular communication with their staff–– but of course, they want these activities to actually boost employee morale and engagement, rather than merely adding to their Zoom fatigue.

While many livestream platforms allow for polling and chatrooms and even emoji reactions to cheer on the presenters onscreen, it’s entirely possible that your company could be starting off with a much simpler platform… one which doesn’t offer all of those features. If that’s the case, then there is at least one alternative activity that can still keep your employees’ eyes on the screen and a smile on their faces: why not invite a little friendly competition with a contest or two?


If your current livestream platform isn’t able to facilitate much live interaction with your viewers, then all is not lost–– you can still invite your teams to send in their submissions for various contests before the event even begins!

Whether there is an officially-chosen panel of judges or just a poll that you collect from the court of public opinion within your staff, the judging can happen either in advance or possibly even live. The preparation aspect won’t detract your teams from engaging with the virtual event–– they’ll be looking forward to seeing everyone’s entries and learning who won the competition in the end!

1. Company Logo Design In Food/Household Items

This was one of the first livestream competitions we ever witnessed firsthand, and the results were highly creative and delightful! From bright berries and charcuterie to sidewalk chalk and Lego® bricks, employees love the chance to get a little creative and show off their company pride (or their weird nicknack collections) with this never-gets-old kind of contest.

2. T-Shirt Design for Upcoming Event/Holiday

Another great way to reward creative minds on your team (and to celebrate various company milestones together) is to ask your employees to submit designs for an internal company t-shirt or ball cap contest! Whether it’s to celebrate a whole additional year together, or perhaps a big upcoming business milestone, this is a great way to generate new company swag with very little effort.

3. Baking or Cocktail Recipe Contest

If you have employees all over the country or even around the world, one of the best ways to bring them together is by way of their tastebuds! Taste and smell are some of the most potent senses we have, and what better way to celebrate and experience one another from afar than to share and sample our favorite beverages or snacks or entrees? This contest could be themed around everyone’s childhood traditions associated with an upcoming holiday… or perhaps it could invoke a challenge for submissions to “embody” the brand or the mission or the event within a brand new concoction all its own. Our mouths are already watering just writing about it!

4. Cutest Pet/Best Pet Trick Contest

Okay, so maybe a contest over the “cutest” pet might be a little divisive, and… subjective. But if there’s one thing people love to show off besides pictures of their kids, it’s pictures of their pets! If you’re worried that a contest of cuteness might not be such a friendly competition after all, however, you can always tweak the rules to focus more on a pet’s quality training, and their ability to perform tricks or obey the highest number of commands. Who says a corporate town hall can’t take a quick break to enjoy some silly cat videos, anyway?

6. Costume/Fancy Dress Contest

Another option to draw your employees out of their shells and enjoy one another’s quirks is to host a fancy dress or costume party of sorts! Almost everyone is bound to have either a Halloween costume or a very fancy outfit that has been awaiting its moment deep within the confines of their closet–– give them a chance to set it free and flaunt an unexpected look for an entertaining time!


If your livestreaming platform does happen to have chat or polling features, then you can not only employ all of the above contests in your virtual town hall–– you can also employ some of the following competitions with far less preparation, and still get some of the high engagement you’re looking for.

7. Guess the Employee Based On These Pictures

If you’re looking for an activity that will encourage a bit more employee bonding and act as a “getting to know you” activity, try a contest where viewers race to post the right answer in a chat bubble before anyone else–– in this case, the employee represented by an abstract photo or collection of photos. These could be baby pictures, snapshots of home workspaces, their top three most-used emojis, or some other collage of clues.

8. Household Item Bingo/Scavenger Hunt

Another activity to help employees get to know one another (and to get them on their feet for a brief, fast-paced game of luck and personal quirks) is a competition to see who has the most household items out of a long list… or to see who can bring a particular item to their computer the fastest if called. Some of the styles of this contest can depend on whether your livestream platform includes a chat method with photo upload options, but if you have the option to facilitate this activity then we highly recommend it–– it’s especially valuable because it will encourage your staff to take a break from sitting at their desk, at least for a few minutes. Plus, if there’s a major holiday coming up, then you can always make the scavenger hunt holiday-themed to see who has the most holiday cheer!

9. Most States/Countries Visited

A slightly less adrenaline-pumping contest that you can utilize is to find out which of your employees just might be the most well-traveled. Of course, their submissions for this competition will most likely rely on somewhat of an honor system, because it’s hard to verify if someone really has been to all of the places on their list (you could always alter the contest to specifically cover who has the most passport stamps, perhaps). However, regardless, you can still have a lot of fun learning about your team members and which of them just might be able to give you some tips on that upcoming vacation you were planning.

10. The Price Is Right

Some may call it simple… others, a classic. Your meeting hosts present various items, whether rare or common (anything from a teddy bear to a paddleboard), and your viewers must then try to guess the object’s correct value before anybody else. The employee who lists the closest dollar figure, or who has the highest number of most accurate guesses, is the winner!


Download a Free Virtual Event RUN OF SHOW TEMPLATE